And yesterday I partied


Yesterday was my best friend’s goodbye party. What she didn’t know is that it was her surprise birthday party as well. I’ve been planning it with her dad for about a week and I could say that it was a success!


I don’t have pictures yet, but I will upload some when I get them.


Boyfriend was the DJ and I was the.. well, her entertainer because no one else was dancing except us two. And Mr. DJ as well. We had the best time! They were drinking some Vodka and what I drank, was the, well is the, best drink in the world.. beer! Although it was home made by her dad (and I love him x 10 for this) it tasted amazing!

We danced all night long and I have to say that my feet are killing me now. I also have a bad headache because I slept quite late. Anyway, today is another long day and before getting ready for anything, I have to study a bit.

Have a good day everyone. Stay positive. No matter how bad things may seem to go, they will eventually get better. Trust me on this one. Everything happens for a reason!


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