A girl’s problem

What’s the biggest problems for girls.. for women? Loosing weight.

I’ve recently gained a lot of weight although last year I’ve lost a lot. However, I know why this has happened. As with the Easter fast, I’ve faster for 6 weeks or so and we all know that in order to not feel hungry you tend to eat a lot of bread. Moreover, whatever food is very oily. I was also eating a lot of bananas and peanuts. I thought it was a good idea but day by day I was gaining more right.

In about 6 weeks I’ve gained 10 kg.

In the mid of May I travelled to Greece where due to the tough schedule I had, I’d have only late meals and all kinds of foods. Gosh, Greek food is amazing, ok? There wasn’t day without 4 meals a day, or maybe more if you count the 2 coffee breaks too.

What happened next?

I had a breakdown. I called mama crying and telling her that I don’t feel alright. Two days and I as back in Romania, I knew I’d go on a diet right away, but I had a problem now.
I decided to eat and try all the new things, but as soon as I reached in Bucharest my diet began.
I have to start by saying that after my trip in Greece I weighted 65 kg and now, after maybe one month of Dukan diet, I’ve reached 57 kg. I’m planning that by the beginning of July to get back to at least 53 kg and although I’ve been tricking my diet this first month, tomorrow I will start going hardcore on my myself.

No girl should eve give up on looking good. That’s why WE are girls.. to be feminine, to be elegant, to look good. Thus, if you feel fat, do something about it but never starve yourself. Check a doctor before a radical diet or just do the Dukan as I recommend it to anyone.
However, one must be prepared for going through hard moments with diet as you have 4 phases starting with eating only proteins, then slowly adding back all other foods.
It is hard, it takes rather a long time, but it is worth it.

But keep something in your mind, it is YOU who decided that you’re fat and you need a diet. No one else, especially a guy. If you feel okay in your body, then who cares. No one should tell you what to do, especially how to look like as you are the one who matters. Not him. Not her. Not them. No one else.


That was me last summer, skinny.


Fatty me, in Greece.


After loosing 8 kg and having approximately 4 left to go.


When my stomach decides to make me crazy

I have to admit that I’ve always had problems with my stomach if I ate too much, or too fast but especially if I ate garlic and oily.

What I did today?

I ate a lot of garlic.. very oily and in record time of less than 10 minutes. Smart? I know I am.

I had lunch with grandma and she made this amazing Romanian food (fasole batuta) with a lot of garlic and onion. I also had french fries with were obviously very oily. Dad was meeting up with me at 1 pm and this was happening around 12.30, so what can I do other than eat very, very fast? Brushed my teeth twice and chewed three gums, but that didn’t help. As I got home, I couldn’t move anymore and my stomach started making me crazy. I slept for two hours and I don’t remember anything. I was in a very deep sleep, but not the one which relaxes you and makes you feel better. No, I actually feel worse than before. I drank a cold lemonade* made by my father and brushed my teeth again and again.. in a total of 4 times.


Weird feeling and stupid smell, go away? Ktnxbye.


My advice: be careful when you eat something, especially if you know that it can bother your stomach or anything else. Don’t do what I did. Even if you crave something, take your time eating it and don’t just rush..


* I don’t like the song, but hey, it’s summer-ish.

Getting ready for Graduation 2012


Last year when I graduated, I decided to get my hair and makeup done professionally in a saloon, just because I thought it was a special day and it was worth it. I looked good. But when I loo back on the pictures, I realised that I could have looked much better.

This year I’ve done them all myself and it came out much better! I’m proud of myself for doing all this.


So this is what I wore, an off-white dress with a pinkish scarf on my shoulders.




Chose the accessories with black stones. Found them the more suitable.

Wore mummy’s white shoes because they’re so comfortable and they’re not too high. Really didn’t want to trip.




I’ve also had quite simple nails, white with some weird pink spot on them, lol. They’re not professional ok? So don’t judge me. It’s all done by myself!




And this is my award! 😀



How I’m planning to get my hair done tomorrow


I’ve decided that my hair is always too dull. I’m always dressed up and with make-up on, but my hair is always the same old style, tied at the back. I’m bored of it.

Dear YouTube knows how to help. I searched for easy hairstyles, mostly updos because it’s so hot and I hate it when my hair is everywhere.



I found this one:



Decided to try it tomorrow before going out.

Honestly thought of stilishbabe when I picked it.


I have a good day and you can try this too! It’s easy!


I’m such a girly girl!

I’ve realised that for the past year I became such a girly girl. I never used to dress up, wear makeup other than mascara and eye liner, or get my nails and hair done. I also hated shopping.

Now? Oh God! I would spend days shopping. I just can’t seem to make my mind up over what to buy or not. I would just buy everything. The whole shop if I could! I’d buy every shirt, every dress, every pair of shoes. EVERYTHING!

Moreover, I think I’ve mentioned this before that I’ve been developing a nail polish obsession. I have so many! I remember posting once a picture of some of them. Well, now they have doubled. I could say that I have all the colours which could possibly exist!

However, when it comes to my hair, I’m still not too good. I can never spend too much arranging my hair because I find it very boring. Plus, its also a bit damaged, but I don’t want to cut it got another two years. Then, I’ll cut it, give it a nice shape and keep arranging it. I must say that I have beautiful hair, very thick and healthy, but last year I dyed it far too much and I messed it up. Now, I have to pay for my stupidity.

I’m such a girly girl! Before I used to hate people like this, but now? I’m happy! I’m a girly girl! I grew up!

PS. I still don’t like pink, although I may wear it. That’s just because it looks good on me.

Perfect naps

You know those days when you’re so tired? Both physically and mentally tired? You’re not in the mood to do anything. You can’t do anything. You’re not able to. You feel like you’re tied to the bed and you can’t even keep your eyes opened properly.

Well, I’ve had that. Because of the thing happened last night, I couldn’t sleep before 2 something AM and I also woke up early to help mum. Tiring. Had to babysit. If it was something physical I don’t think I would’ve felt it so much, but because I had to keep my eyes opened and look after that tiny devil it was exhausting.

Well, I just woke up from an one hour+ nap. Don’t know what the + means because it was a time of being awake and asleep at the same time. So yeh, not sure.

Well, whoever says that sleeping is good, was right. And everyone says so (or at least everyone) so yea, sleeping is good for you. For your health. For your beauty.

Have days when you sleep until you wake up by yourself without being woken up by an alarm or anyone. You will be revitalised! Really!

It doesn’t matter how long the nap is. The sleep is. Even a 10 mins nap can help you feel much better. It all depends. It depends on how much resting your body is asking for.

So sleep. If you’re tired sleep. Don’t try to get anything done, because you’ll get it done wrong. Relax. Then do it.

Have a good day! 🙂

Obesity, a huge problem in Kuwait



It was recently reported that the obesity level of people living in Kuwait has reached 42 percent. Apparently, 65 percent of people in Kuwait do not practice or engage in any form of physical activity and 53 percent of young people send over three hours in front of the television. It seems like the numbers are getting worst every year, but the reaction stays the same.

The only people that seem to be worried about the ever growing waistlines in this country are healthcare professionals. We keep getting informed of the many diseases that accompany obesity such as diabetes, heart disease and strokes, but no one seems afraid. The cause of obesity is also not being addressed. Yes, we know that not enough exercise is one of the main causes of being overweight, but what about all the fast food options on the streets of Kuwait.”



See more…

Source: Kuwait Times


Bronzed mum charged


(Reuters) – A New Jersey mom with a passion for tanning is facing a child endangerment charge for allowing her then 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth.

Authorities say Patricia Krentcil’s daughter, now 6, turned up at her elementary school in Nutley, New Jersey, with a sunburn on April 24, prompting a school nurse to contact police.

The extremely tan Krentcil, 44, appeared on Wednesday in a Newark courtroom where she pleaded not guilty to a charge of child endangerment.

New Jersey is among several states that have adopted regulations prohibiting anyone age 14 or under from using ultraviolet devices because of the risk of skin cancer.

Krentcil’s chocolate-brown hue testifies to countless hours spent under the intense ultraviolet light of a tanning bed or out in the sun soaking up rays.”


There’s a video with the mother here. You should really check it out because it’s unbelievable.


Her skin is destroyed. According to the article she’s 44, right? Well, to me, she looks like she’s over 50. Come on. I like tanning myself, but I would never go so far to get darker. I wouldn’t never destroy my skin, my health for it. I do tan, but I tan the healthy way. Although I do get burned the first time, I don’t over do it and I know the limits.


People, some people, should really read more about it.


And exposing your six years old kid? That’s just mentally sick.



Welcome tanning time!

Today’s temperature: 32°C.

Amazing sun, chilly wind and refreshing water in the swimming pool.

What does this sound to you?

To me it sounds like the perfect time for tanning.. and it was!

Been under the sun and inside the water with Mr. Eisa Santoz from 10 am till 2 pm, when I couldn’t stand it anymore because it was getting really hot.

Although it is not good to tan after 12 pm and you shouldn’t use baby oil, I didn’t listen. I don’t think anyone does, but we should all do so!


Who cares though? I’m tanned and that’s what matters the most. What I’ll be doing now is take hundred cold showers and put lotion every 30 mins and then I’ll be ready for tomorrow’s session!


Woop woop!