To admit that there’s something going on doesn’t mean you’re weak

It’s been such a long time since I wrote here. To be honest mainly because I’ve been out of the country and the past month I’ve been so busy with university and the Students’ Association. I’m back in business, if I may say that.

But what happened to me last year? Well, in the next couple of posts I will be explaining what happened to me, in a more indirect way, so whoever reads this, understands that having a breakdown, admitting that there’s something going on, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a weak person. Matter of fact, it means you’re strong enough to admit that you’re a human too.

I know it’s hard to say ‘I’m not okay and I have to do something about it’. But the moment you will do so, things will become easier. Only then you will be open to change. Only then you will accept that you need help and as scary as it may sound, sometimes you need professional help. However, this is according to your personality. The stronger you are, the less professional help you need.

Thankfully I got over it by being close to my family and friends and last summer really helped me. I’ve been away the whole summer holiday from the 12th June to the 21st September.. having therefore the time to recharge my batteries. & here I am baby! Ready for another year! My last year of university.

But more details you will find out in the next post.

Stay tuned! Thanks for reading & God bless!


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