Gaza Under Attack – Pray For Gaza









Read more about what’s going on in Palestine! Be up to date with what Israel is doing to those innocent people. They’re bombing houses. They’re killing children and women. This isn’t a war, this is genocide!

Raise the awareness! Let the world know the truth!

Something that got me thinking

Something that got me thinking

As I was going through my Facebook (thank you Lord for giving us the intelligence to invent this, lol) I saw this amazing picture.

It got me thinking and I hope it gets you thinking too. But even though no one should neglect their relationships, they shouldn’t neglect theirrstudies, their education either. They should however, think of ‘people’ first, then ‘objects’, ‘things’.

God bless us all!

If you want something, go get it


If you want something, go get it


Rainy Sunday morning.. with nothing else to do than just stay in bed and watch TV. I decide to look through my old inspirational-motivational pictures saved on my laptop. This one comes up and I remember that I’ve never posted it.

What I felt right after seeing it? A boost of optimism and positive energy. Well, not like the one I always have, but at least it’s better than the past two days.

It may also be because I had a good and deep sleep.. as a good sleep always helps, but who cares. I’m feeling better, in a way.


If you want something, go get it! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. And if someone does tell you this, then prove them wrong, because if you truly want something, then you can get it. You just have to trust yourself and never stop trying from achieving that thing.


Have a peaceful Sunday! God bless!