Gaza Under Attack – Pray For Gaza









Read more about what’s going on in Palestine! Be up to date with what Israel is doing to those innocent people. They’re bombing houses. They’re killing children and women. This isn’t a war, this is genocide!

Raise the awareness! Let the world know the truth!


Palestinian bombs VS Israeli bombs

Source from the Facebook page: This is Gaza – like it, for more shocking pictures and news.

“How can people who suffered from the Holocaust do such things to other people?”

Aren’t they meant to know what pain, suffering, hunger … mean? Why do it in return? Why do you have to come to a land that was already inhabited, Palestine and want to cleanse it all out?



Palestinian martyr; may his soul rest in peace





This brought tears to my eyes. It’s so sad how the West interferes in the Middle East through ‘peaceful means’, but what they are actually doing is poisoning the society and the people. Whenever they have the chance to gain something, they immediately stop a conflict, how it was the case with the Iraqi-Kuwaiti War, but when they can’t ‘steal’ anything as from Palestine or Syria, they step back and all they wanna do is simply ‘negotiate’. Sick people!

May the soul of this Palestinian martyr rest in peace.

“Saji Darwish was killed by the Israeli Army yesterday with a bullet to the back of his head. He was a media student at Birzeit University. He was 18 years old.”


More information: This is Gaza



Free Palestine! Free Syria! Free Middle East!


When will the West leave the Middle East?





I saw this picture on Facebook, posted by some page I liked and I found it amazing. It expresses a lot. And I hope everyone who will see this post will understand it. However, I’m sure each one of us understands it differently, as it leaves enough space for different interpretation.


As a person who was raised up in a small Middle Eastern country, that of a Kuwait, I thought this when saw it:


“The moment when the West will stop intervening in the Middle East, that’s when all the bad things will stop. And the world should be more aware of what happens there. ‘Let’s find him! Let’s stop them’ won’t make any difference if you don’t actually do something. Stop being so ignorant. ‘They’ are the bad guys. They! The big powers who play the role of the protectors. They don’t want what’s good for their people. They don’t want what’s good for their country. So why would they want what’s good for someone’ else’s country? What would they want what’s good for the Middle East? Arabs have always been associated with terrorism. Muslims especially. But this is wrong. This means that YOU, the one who doesn’t only says this out loud, but also quietly thinks it need a looot more information and you surely don’t have enough knowledge about what is going on. You live in a box. Get out of it. Your perspective will change considerably.”








How can they do this?


See this little kid? How many soldiers are around him..
Isn’t he/she too small to be in this kind of environment?

& this isn’t the only case. Thousands of children go through this daily in Syria and Palestine. How can you forget about them?
How can you those people go to sleep while knowing that they’re hurting innocent people?

How can YOU, the one who’s reading this.. how can you sleep after seeing one of these pictures? Because I can’t. It angers me. It irritates me. It makes me think ‘shit man! I’m lucky!’

Yes. I am lucky! & YOU’RE lucky too. You’re lucky to be living in Europe, in America or in any other place where to some extent, you are safe. You are protected.

You complain about stupid things. But there are people out there who PRAY for those exact things that you complain about.

Shouldn’t we be more thankful?

We should. We should thank God every moment for what we have. For our clothes, our food.. our luxurious items such as phones, cars and so on. Those people don’t even dream of having the latest iPhone for example. They don’t even care about that.

Those people just wanna be free and safe.

God bless them! God bless us!
Let’s get together and help them.. Why can’t we do that..?

Keep calm and stop shooting

Now, as I was going through my Facebook home page, I saw this amazing and very inspiring picture (…again!).

As I like sharing nice things with all of you, dear readers, here I am, posting it.


Isn’t in amazing?

Just stop shooting! Whatever part you are… just stop! Leave those people alone. They just wanna have a normal and safe life. Why would innocent people pay for these dirty games? Why would they pay for dirty politics?
(You may be asking why I chose to study political science. Well, it was to understand what is actually going on in the world and FYI: my degree will be political scientist aka not taking any sides, but actually analysing all the information – and not a politician!)

Free Syria!

Free Syria!


We complain about different things. We wish to have the latest gadgets. We don’t like veggies. We don’t like meat. We don’t like any kind of drink. We think our clothes are too old. We argue with out parents. We argue with our teachers/professors and we talk badly about them. We curse. We ‘hate our lives’. We offend God.

We do so many things…

What about them? Syrian people would do anything to have what some of us have.

Isn’t it a shame? Shouldn’t we appreciate things instead of complaining?

It’s outrageous. Think of those people! Think of the people who lose their parents, or the parents who lose their children. Families are divided.. Is that life? Is that fair?

We can all do something for those poor people.

Donate. Donate food! Donate clothes! Donate toys! Donate blankets because many people are dying because of the cold. Give away what you don’t use anymore! They would be so happy!

Do something! Spread the awareness!

Free Syria!

Using Bare Hands a Child is Saved from the Rubble! #Syria

God is the Greatest!

As long as God protects us and as long as we unite each other’s forces, we can move mountains. No stone, no man, nothing can stand before us! Respect, care, love.. these feelings are stronger than all the hate, anger and envy in the whole world!

Free Syria! Freedom to all the women and children out there! Freedom to everyone! Freedom to all of them!

What is life? What is destiny?



What is life? What is destiny?


These are only two of the questions that go through my mind at the moment. What made me think of this? Music. Listening to the proper music can get you really philosophical. But let’s be serious for a while.




Are we given this life for a reason? Do we have a scope in our lives? Does God puts us on this Earth in order to do something? Or is our existance just a waste of time?


I’m 100% Romanian, but when I was very little I fell in love with the Orient and everything that has to do with that part of the world, from the religion, to the culture and traditions. I kept listening to Arabic music and I have to confess that I was often watching Turkish movies, those kind of music where you could see all the traditional things. I liked reading about that. I simply fell in love.




And then mum left to Kuwait, a small country in the Middle East. That was when my dream came true. I was even closer to the world that I was attracted too. There was a lot of visiting before actually moving there. The buildings, the palm trees, the prayer call which could be heard 5 times a day, the people, the air.. everything was different. Everything was the way I liked it. Everything was the way I was dreaming.


Colourfull clothes.. jewelry.. perfumes.. elegance.. 


collage arab


It really attracted me. There was a different scent in the air. The scent of the world I liked.

I learned how to belly dance. I learned Arabic and a couple of words in Turkish. I read about the history.. I tried to copy the style. I put on the hijab to see how it looks like. I listened to the prayers.. I read the Qur’an to see what are the differences, but even the similarities between that and the Bible.


Is it wrong for a westerner to feel all that? Is it weird?



I get along better with foreigners than with people from my own country. I get along better with people from that part of the world. I visted it and it felt like I was home. I can actually see myself live there. I can see myself integrate so well in those places, between those people.


What will I do in life? Where will I be? What will happen to me?

desen vechi

Did God send me here, on this Earth to live there? To make connections between the world I was born in and the world I love? Is this my destiny?


I don’t know at the moment. I will meditate, look within myself.. think carefully, listen to my inner voice.. trust myself and never lie to myself. And I am proud of what I feel. No matter what others think or even say, I am proud to feel all these things. This is who I am. This is how God made me..