Post- Paris incidents; Beautiful article

I should start by saying that I know I’ve ‘made a promise’ of writing more, but I just came back from my long winter holiday back home (ya a7la balad, ya Kuwait❤ & the beautiful Oman) and we got exams rights now. Woop!

Anyway, been reading so much about the Paris incidents and Charlie Hebdo. Been seeing people blaming Islam for this and many people on twitter wishing, I quote ” #KillAllMuslims” that I get disgusted more and more with every day that passes by.

I’m not gonna argue over my opinion or whatever, but personally I AM NOT Charlie. I am all those Palestinian children, Syrian children, Pakistani, Nigerian… and so on. I am humanity. I stand with those, with those about whom the media never says anything.

It’s not okay to kil one Christian, but they can kill thousand of Muslims? Bullshit.

As I was looking around Facebook I bumped into this article and I wanna share it with you all because it is wonderful.


” […] terrorism has nothing to do with Muhammad, any more than the Crusades had anything to do with Jesus . There is nothing in the Islam that is more violent than Christianity. All religions have been violent, including Christianity […] “

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