Official SYRIA سوريا (RESTORE) HAPPY – Pharrell Williams

This is such a beautiful #happyclip. It literally gave me goosebumps.
Let’s all restore happiness in Syria. Those children deserve it. They haven’t done anything bad, they’re innocent. Pray for Syria. God bless Syria.

Spread the word about Syria!


Saving Syria’s Children

A BBC documentary.

How can the world be so ignorant and not do anything? Innocent people are suffering there. Innocent people are being attacked. Innocent people are dying!

Free Syria!

3 years of war against #childrenofsyria – Sign the petition! ACT NOW!

Today we are fading out our profile picture and timeline cover to voice our outrage and demand a better future for the #childrenofsyria. On March 15 the conflict will be three-years-old, so for three days – one for each year of violence, suffering, and deprivation – we’re fading out, starting now. JOIN US! Change your profile and cover pic, and add this message: 

I’m changing my profile picture to mark 3 years of suffering for the #childrenofsyria with @UNICEF. Help us spread the word and demand a better future for them: 

Instructions here:




Keep calm and stop shooting

Now, as I was going through my Facebook home page, I saw this amazing and very inspiring picture (…again!).

As I like sharing nice things with all of you, dear readers, here I am, posting it.


Isn’t in amazing?

Just stop shooting! Whatever part you are… just stop! Leave those people alone. They just wanna have a normal and safe life. Why would innocent people pay for these dirty games? Why would they pay for dirty politics?
(You may be asking why I chose to study political science. Well, it was to understand what is actually going on in the world and FYI: my degree will be political scientist aka not taking any sides, but actually analysing all the information – and not a politician!)

Free Syria!

Free Syria!


We complain about different things. We wish to have the latest gadgets. We don’t like veggies. We don’t like meat. We don’t like any kind of drink. We think our clothes are too old. We argue with out parents. We argue with our teachers/professors and we talk badly about them. We curse. We ‘hate our lives’. We offend God.

We do so many things…

What about them? Syrian people would do anything to have what some of us have.

Isn’t it a shame? Shouldn’t we appreciate things instead of complaining?

It’s outrageous. Think of those people! Think of the people who lose their parents, or the parents who lose their children. Families are divided.. Is that life? Is that fair?

We can all do something for those poor people.

Donate. Donate food! Donate clothes! Donate toys! Donate blankets because many people are dying because of the cold. Give away what you don’t use anymore! They would be so happy!

Do something! Spread the awareness!

Free Syria!

Using Bare Hands a Child is Saved from the Rubble! #Syria

God is the Greatest!

As long as God protects us and as long as we unite each other’s forces, we can move mountains. No stone, no man, nothing can stand before us! Respect, care, love.. these feelings are stronger than all the hate, anger and envy in the whole world!

Free Syria! Freedom to all the women and children out there! Freedom to everyone! Freedom to all of them!