School on fire

I woke up to the news that our was school was on fire. They all say it was an electrical thing, but we shall see if that is true.

These are some of the pics.



That’s freaky. I wasn’t going to school anyway. But all the people who went? They got sent back. And what if they had exams? Apparently they’ll get them done somewhere else. Where? Burger King next to our school? Fanar? Ah.

Most of all, it really bothers me when people (will not give names or what’s their role in the school) seem so happy about it. All I can see is ‘it was about time!’ or ‘happy that the school burnt down’ and those crappy tweets. How can you say this? Are you mentally sick. No matter how much you hate school, keep in mind that you have exams and that if you’re not getting one done in time, it can be bad. And most of all, what it someone was hurt in that fire? Would it still be funny? No.

So leave this stupid childish attitude and grow up. It’s not like this. School doesn’t ‘suck’ and teachers don’t hate you. They want you to do well in your exams/life.


Friends? Nah!

There are no real friends, except your parents. Not your family which includes all kind of relatives, from uncles, aunts and so on.. Just your parents. Mama told me this and I never really wanted to believe her, until a couple of years back. Since then, I paid close attention to my friends. I know it may seem hypocritical but it’s true. According to my dad (and if I’m writing about this, it means I feel the same way..) everyone uses everyone. Everyone uses one each other for different things. And I don’t mean use is the true meaning of the word. More like help. Everyone helps themselves with others. I hope you get what I’m trying to say, because in my head it does make sense.

Going back to the subject.. There are no friends. Not real ones. They will randomly turn against you whether it’s for a short or long period of time, this I don’t know, but everyone does it eventually.

No matter how people call each other best friends or whatever they will talk behind each others back, unfortunately. And if they don’t do that, they will randomly end any connection with you.

None of this shocks me anymore and I’m happy to say that I don’t have many friends anymore. I have only a couple and I hope that they’ll be forever.

And now it’s the time to go back to study and drown in the books and huge amounts of information. Yay!

Real love, or just a lie?

“He can’t just stop loving you. He either does, or never had.”

Another great quote on Twitter.

You may wonder why I wanna post about this. It’s because I see so many people complain about their significant one, respectively their ex-significant one not caring, or stopping loving them.

The quote is right. You can’t just stop loving someone if you really loved them. No one and nothing can make you forget about them if it was true love.

If, however, the person does say that they stopped loving you, then they surely didn’t love you in the first place, or they may be lying to you at the moment.

It is not that easy to just forget about someone, because after all you did spend moments together, whether they were good or bad. This can differ from long relationships to shorter one, but the ‘rule’ is always the same:

If you stopped loving, or you forgot things, it’s either you’re lying now or you lied then.

True love is never forgotten, even if at times it is put aside.

Yes, there are different types of love and the ‘love’ at the beginning of the relationship will not be the same with the ‘love’ at the middle, or the end of it. It is normal.

You think those old people who have been married for ages and are dinosaurs when it comes to marriage and stuff, still love each other the same? No. Their relationship, their marriage is now based on respect most of all, not on passion and that burning love that was at the beginning. You think that after being for so long with someone, you still love them the same way? No. You do love them, but the flame of passion and ‘unknown’ is gone. Now it is a calm love, a love that can be expressed in different ways. A more real love, although it may not seem that way.

Yes, people may say ‘I love you’ to some many others and to some extent it may be true, but not always. Love is different. Love is different from a day to the other. Love is different from a year to another. Love is different from an age to  the other. The more time that passes by, the more the intensity of love increases. Another normal thing. People become mature more and more.. and it doesn’t mean that people who are in your life now should compare themselves to people from last year, two years ago, or three and so on. Plus, come on, words are nothing unless they are supported by actions.

It hurts to see a person whom you love, you really do, not understand you fully, not believe in you, not trust you. And yes, you may have made mistakes, but once the other gives you a second chance, that means they should try to get over what you’ve done. It may be hard, but it is not healthy to keep thinking about it. Not healthy for themselves, for yourself, but more importantly for the relationship.

Everyone makes mistakes. Every single person on this Earth. But what matters the most is whether the person learns the  lesson, or not and whether the person regrets what happened from the bottom of their heart, or not.

“Love is like a violin. The music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever.”

– Unknown


(this post has been edited since yesterday and was posted again)