133 years since then..


Yesterday, 9th May was the day when Romania gained her independence 133 years ago. The independence of the state and its consecration after the war of 1877 – 1878, signified a culminating moment for Romania’s development spiral. After 133 years from May 9 1877, the Assembly of Deputies of the Romanian State proclaimed her independence, paving the way for international recognition of the Romanian nation’s right to choose their own fate.

Thus, on May 9 1877, Mihail Kogalniceanu declared in Parliament that we are “free from our contact with High Gate and therefore are independent, we are an independent nation.” 

The Assembly of Deputies voted a motion with 79 votes for and 2 abstentions, which acknowledged that “the war between Romania and Turkey, that the breaking of our ties with the Gate and the absolute independence of Romania have received their official consecration.”

Went to war in the spring of 1877, the Romanian Army triumphed on the battlefield, winning one by one the Turkish fronts of Plevna, Grivita, Opanez,Smardan, Vidin. Won with the sacrifice of over 10,000 soldiers, the country’s independence would be a moral boost for the Greater Union.



Doamne ocroteste’i pe romani.



“Saraca tara bogata, mult ai trait suparata. Doamne ocreteste’i pe romani..”


Proud to be Romanian and I love that country more than anything!



A great walk on the beach


After an amazing two hours walk with Mr. Lover and baby Aron (the beautiful Husky) on the beach side I must say that I’m dead.

It was a perfect walk and we had so much fun but it was quite hot and I wasn’t wearing appropriate footwear. I was wearing a pair of sandals, the worst thing ever.

I must admit that my feet are killing me and they’re swollen, but it’s fine! All that matters is the great time we had together.

Really, it was the best! Out in the nature, where everyone (or at least, almost everyone) was minding their own business. Just feeling the summer breeze. Just seeing the sea. The clear sky (not, it is dusty. The green grass. Everything was amazing.

I wish I could do this every night. Ah. I’m happy. I’m really, truly happy.