An untold story

Went through my newsfeed on Facebook and saw something. That something made me tear up. It broke me.

How can such things happen in the 21st century? How can such things happen and no one tries to stop them? Where the hell is humanity? Where’s the UN? What is the international community doing? Why are they closing their eyes on these poor people?


What if these things happened to you? To your children? To your family? How can you stay quiet?

I stand with Syria for a #FreeSyria


Official SYRIA سوريا (RESTORE) HAPPY – Pharrell Williams

This is such a beautiful #happyclip. It literally gave me goosebumps.
Let’s all restore happiness in Syria. Those children deserve it. They haven’t done anything bad, they’re innocent. Pray for Syria. God bless Syria.

Spread the word about Syria!

What I’ve been doing in the last period


I know I’ve been away for a while, but I was not absent in this ‘activist life’ if so to say (lol). Our faculty is divided into 3 parts, the English group, the French and the Romanian one. I’m studying in English, so I’m obviously part of the English one. We (about 5-6 people max.) have developed a website (blog) where we write different articles. My part is ‘The Middle East Weekly Review’ and today is one month since I started writing for the blog.

I will be posting the links to the articles and I promise to be updating this blog as much as possible, with those articles and not only, new things as well. It’s just that I’m having finals soon, so I’m pretty much eating the books (haha) but as soon as summer’s here.. I’ll be writing a lot, other than just me spending time with my friends as I’m going to TRNC (Turkish Republic of North Cyprus) to visit my fiance, then to Antalya, Turkey to see my best friend and for the rest of the holiday (more specifically 2 months and half) I’ll be home, in Kuwait. Woop woop!

So here we go:


1st article (29th April):

Middle East Weekly Review: Fatah and Hamas sign a reconciliation agreement


2nd article (6th May): 

The Middle East Weekly Review: Egypt can still surprise


3rd article (14th May):

The Middle East Weekly Review: Out of Homs. What now?


4th article (21st May):

The Middle East Weekly Review: Iran’s involvement in the Syrian Civil War; Choosing the Lesser of Two Evil


I have to state, that I tried to be as objective as I could. However, this cannot be fully possible as I have my own feelings and my own personal opinions and I tend to publicise them. Hope it was good. Hope you will like them.. and thanks for keeping up with my blog.

God bless you!


3 years of war against #childrenofsyria – Sign the petition! ACT NOW!

Today we are fading out our profile picture and timeline cover to voice our outrage and demand a better future for the #childrenofsyria. On March 15 the conflict will be three-years-old, so for three days – one for each year of violence, suffering, and deprivation – we’re fading out, starting now. JOIN US! Change your profile and cover pic, and add this message: 

I’m changing my profile picture to mark 3 years of suffering for the #childrenofsyria with @UNICEF. Help us spread the word and demand a better future for them: 

Instructions here:




Palestinian martyr; may his soul rest in peace





This brought tears to my eyes. It’s so sad how the West interferes in the Middle East through ‘peaceful means’, but what they are actually doing is poisoning the society and the people. Whenever they have the chance to gain something, they immediately stop a conflict, how it was the case with the Iraqi-Kuwaiti War, but when they can’t ‘steal’ anything as from Palestine or Syria, they step back and all they wanna do is simply ‘negotiate’. Sick people!

May the soul of this Palestinian martyr rest in peace.

“Saji Darwish was killed by the Israeli Army yesterday with a bullet to the back of his head. He was a media student at Birzeit University. He was 18 years old.”


More information: This is Gaza



Free Palestine! Free Syria! Free Middle East!


How can they do this?


See this little kid? How many soldiers are around him..
Isn’t he/she too small to be in this kind of environment?

& this isn’t the only case. Thousands of children go through this daily in Syria and Palestine. How can you forget about them?
How can you those people go to sleep while knowing that they’re hurting innocent people?

How can YOU, the one who’s reading this.. how can you sleep after seeing one of these pictures? Because I can’t. It angers me. It irritates me. It makes me think ‘shit man! I’m lucky!’

Yes. I am lucky! & YOU’RE lucky too. You’re lucky to be living in Europe, in America or in any other place where to some extent, you are safe. You are protected.

You complain about stupid things. But there are people out there who PRAY for those exact things that you complain about.

Shouldn’t we be more thankful?

We should. We should thank God every moment for what we have. For our clothes, our food.. our luxurious items such as phones, cars and so on. Those people don’t even dream of having the latest iPhone for example. They don’t even care about that.

Those people just wanna be free and safe.

God bless them! God bless us!
Let’s get together and help them.. Why can’t we do that..?

Keep calm and stop shooting

Now, as I was going through my Facebook home page, I saw this amazing and very inspiring picture (…again!).

As I like sharing nice things with all of you, dear readers, here I am, posting it.


Isn’t in amazing?

Just stop shooting! Whatever part you are… just stop! Leave those people alone. They just wanna have a normal and safe life. Why would innocent people pay for these dirty games? Why would they pay for dirty politics?
(You may be asking why I chose to study political science. Well, it was to understand what is actually going on in the world and FYI: my degree will be political scientist aka not taking any sides, but actually analysing all the information – and not a politician!)

Free Syria!