When will the West leave the Middle East?





I saw this picture on Facebook, posted by some page I liked and I found it amazing. It expresses a lot. And I hope everyone who will see this post will understand it. However, I’m sure each one of us understands it differently, as it leaves enough space for different interpretation.


As a person who was raised up in a small Middle Eastern country, that of a Kuwait, I thought this when saw it:


“The moment when the West will stop intervening in the Middle East, that’s when all the bad things will stop. And the world should be more aware of what happens there. ‘Let’s find him! Let’s stop them’ won’t make any difference if you don’t actually do something. Stop being so ignorant. ‘They’ are the bad guys. They! The big powers who play the role of the protectors. They don’t want what’s good for their people. They don’t want what’s good for their country. So why would they want what’s good for someone’ else’s country? What would they want what’s good for the Middle East? Arabs have always been associated with terrorism. Muslims especially. But this is wrong. This means that YOU, the one who doesn’t only says this out loud, but also quietly thinks it need a looot more information and you surely don’t have enough knowledge about what is going on. You live in a box. Get out of it. Your perspective will change considerably.”









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