Mrs. Salwa Al Mutairi, Kuwaiti female ‘activist’


As you have probably read in my previous post, some woman claiming she’s an activist in Kuwait has been saying around that sex slavery should be legalised in Kuwait.

This obviously annoyed me and got me interested in the subject so I have been reading a lot about her and what she’s ‘advocating’ for and watched more of her videos as well. 

Apparently she has also ran in the Parliamentary elections but no one has voted her. People in Kuwait also make fun of her and as I have stated before, she’s a crazy woman who doesn’t know what she is talking about.


She puts Kuwait in a bad light. She puts Islam in a bad light and she should stop doing so because it’s her fault and other people like her, that the world talks badly about the Middle East. 

Moreover, foreigners all over the world who are taking this seriously should stop being so ignorant and read more about the subject. Every country has its crazy people, but if we stayed and paid attention to them, then how would as people grow.. and how would our countries develop?



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