Free Syria!


We complain about different things. We wish to have the latest gadgets. We don’t like veggies. We don’t like meat. We don’t like any kind of drink. We think our clothes are too old. We argue with out parents. We argue with our teachers/professors and we talk badly about them. We curse. We ‘hate our lives’. We offend God.

We do so many things…

What about them? Syrian people would do anything to have what some of us have.

Isn’t it a shame? Shouldn’t we appreciate things instead of complaining?

It’s outrageous. Think of those people! Think of the people who lose their parents, or the parents who lose their children. Families are divided.. Is that life? Is that fair?

We can all do something for those poor people.

Donate. Donate food! Donate clothes! Donate toys! Donate blankets because many people are dying because of the cold. Give away what you don’t use anymore! They would be so happy!

Do something! Spread the awareness!

Free Syria!


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