Happy Birthday mother!

It was written two years ago.. one of my first posts. Time passed since then, but today it is my mother’s birthday again. Happy birthday mother! You are my angel, my soul, my life.. you are my everything!


This is a weird beginning of a blog.. but because I really don’t have any ideas I will just mention my mother. Her 42nd birthday is tomorrow and I don’t know what I should do for her birthday.. so maybe writing this will show how much she means to me.

About 10 years ago she moved to Kuwait and I followed her just 5-6 years ago. Growing up without a mother, although you talk to her everyday is just so hard. When we used to have parents meetings, all my friends would come with their mothers while I used to come with either my father, or my grandmother. It’s not like I mind it, I love them all, but I was in need of my mum. I went through a lot of hard times without her by my side. However, that helped me too. It helped me grow up and become…

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