As I was going through my tweets, I saw this inspiring quote. It got me thinking to what I have written a couple of days back about destiny. It got me thinking again.. what is destiny? Do we actually have a purpose in life? 

I believe we do. Each one of us came here in order to do something.. Now, enjoy the quote and I hope it gets you to think too. And not only think, but actually do something with your life.


“The strong of heart and mind will prosper,

those who cannot follow their own destiny are fated to fail in life.”



2 thoughts on “Destiny

  1. I love this question
    I believe that we are in a continuous search of a purpose
    We chase some dreams
    look for a purpose
    inspire and get inspired
    get curious about things in life
    and stopping means giving up
    and giving up would eventually results to “fail in life”

    Imho, ppl nowadays are going the easy way that doesn’t require thinking a lot.
    Those who live a life where they are certain of everything

    Well… I’d rather live a life with doubts to shape my destiny tho

    I could go on writing but am very very very busy these days 😀

    I heard, well it’s twitter, that you’ll be back to Kuwait soon
    and that’s great
    hope everything goes smooth this time


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