‘Kuwait provides vital support for Syrian people’

“Kuwait has continuously provided generous assistance to Arab and Islamic causes and this is evident in the way the GCC state provided support to the Syrian people, said Arab League Secretary General Nabil El-Araby here on Sunday.

Speaking to KUNA here after returning from the 68th UN General Assembly which was held in New York, El-Araby lauded His Highness the Kuwaiti Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah’s USD 300 million generous contribution during the first Syria donors’ conference held in Kuwait. The conference raised USD 1.4 billion.

He added the Kuwaiti leadership took the initiative to help millions of Syrians who were affected by the war in their country.
El-Araby said that there was an international coordination to hold the second donors conference to benefit the Syrian people.”


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Whenever I see this kind of news I feel so proud. I’m proud that Kuwait has been getting involved in such causes, because these causes are the ones I personally believe in as well.

As you have read, Kuwait has always provided assistance to Arab and Islamic causes, no matter what that was, whether it was the Palestinian one or more recently, the Syrian one.

I’m pretty moved by this and I have to congratiulate HH Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and his government for such actions.

This doesn’t only put them all in a good light at home, but internationally as well. It can be easily seen that Kuwait is a peaceful country (as much as possible, but all countries have their internal problems as well?!) and that it helps the ones in need.




2 thoughts on “‘Kuwait provides vital support for Syrian people’

  1. I’m really proud too
    The best part in all Syria support is that the citizens of Kuwait are the first to react. It isn’t the government only. The whole nation is trying its best to support the Syrian ppl

    At my workplace, two workers, I can’t recall their names, joined the rebels and died in the fight. Even though I see it’s wrong to get involved but the point I want to make is that Kuwaiti ppl went as far to give their souls to Syria.

    Though I see that Syria are in another world now and that the world is busy with its financial status. I hope all finish asap

  2. Yeh, that’s pretty interesting! I love it! I mean it’s like they feel the Syrian peoples’ pain and all. It’s a great thing. It seems like people in Kuwait are starting to open their eyes and see the world too, not just Kuwait and themselves. It’s really good!

    Some people may go to the extremes, but if they keep it in the normal boundaries, then all I have to say is ‘mabrook’!

    It’s all about politics and I deeply hope it finishes too because it’s messing up a country for what..?

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