Women’s News: 6 Ways Technology Is Hurting Your Love Life — And 4 Ways It’s Making It Much Better




The Huffington Post  |  By Nina Bahadur

It’s almost impossible to imagine a world where we’re not permanently attached to our smartphones, laptops and tablets, where WiFi is available almost everywhere and you can find the nearest restaurant, bank or happy hour with just a click of a button. Technology has created a world where we’re more connected to our devices and people across the world than ever before. But how are these things impacting the way we date, love and have sex?

We’re not the first ones to tackle this issue — pieces about how smartphones are ruining loveporn is ruining erections and online dating is ruining romanceabound on the internet. Yes, there are downsides to technology invading our personal lives, and it’s important to think about our potentially damaging habits. But it’s not all terrible news. Courtship probably isn’t “dead,” and a little change to…

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