‘MP Moves To Ban Knives In Public Places’


And I spotted again some interesting updates about the events that took place last Thursday (26th September) in Marina Mall, Kuwait.


As a result of the recent violence among the youth who use knives to injure and kill each other, MP Yaqoub Al-Sane has presented an amendment to the Arms and Weapons Law No. 13/1991 to ban possession of knives in public places. The bill calls for adding a new chapter called ‘Chapter V’ under the title ‘Sharp Objects’ to the Legislative Decree No. 13 of 1991 on arms and ammunition. This chapter includes three numbers (m 28), (m 29), (m 30) respectively, so the articles should be re-arranged in the amended law accordingly: Article (28) prohibits possession of ‘sharp objects’ in public places. It also prohibits anyone frequenting public markets, malls and sports clubs, social, schools, universities or any other place determined by the Minister of the Interior to carry or possess or make any kind of ‘sharp object’.

The article excludes places based on the nature of the business where the use of such a weapon is a necessity. Article (29) states that without prejudice to any severer penalty provided for in any other law, anyone who violates the provisions of the preceding article shall be punished by imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years and a fine of not less than KD 3,000, or either of these punishments. Article (30) of the bill demands the minister of the Interior to issue the executive regulation of this law, to include identifying specific criteria for a public place and clarification of descriptions when a person carrying or possessing a sharp object shall be subjected to punishment. The lawmaker said the reason for submitting this amendment bill is to solve punish those who mess around with national security. He added, the law is necessary because weapons that are used in these fights by the youths and juveniles are sharp objects weapons which end in dire consequences.”


I’m pretty impressed by these news and I’m hoping that everything will settle down, because it is a shame for a beautiful country like Kuwait to have such a high crime-rate. Before it wasn’t so obvious, there weren’t so many, but now it’s starting to be too much. Too many murders, too many killings in a such a small and peaceful country.

The youth should think twice before taking out their knives and stabbing people. Those whom they’re trying to kill have families as well. How would those families feel if they found out their daughters/sons were killed by youngsters of their same age? I mean.. how would YOUR family feel if YOU got killed? Put that in your mind first, before attacking someone, before trying to take away their life.


Keep in mind, life is given by God and only He can take it away. No one else.




Arab Times “MP Moves To Ban Knives In Public Places”


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