‘Interior Acts To Raise Mall Security’


While I was reading the news today, I saw this other article and I thought it’s perfect as an update to this post.


“The Ministry of Interior said Sunday it is working on a new and more stringent system for security control and surveillance within and outside shopping malls nationwide. The new system employs stateof- the-art technology, said Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry Lt Gen Sulaiman Al-Fahad during his meeting with police top brass from the six governorates as well as heads of security of a number of department stores.

Lt Gen Al-Fahad briefed the meeting on the instructions of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Khaled Al-Sabah to ensure the maximum level of protection for citizens and expatriates within and outside the shopping malls. “The planned comprehensive security system will be developed and implemented through collaboration and direct contact between the security departments and the security guards at the shopping malls countrywide around the clock,” he revealed. “It adopts the preventive approach in dealing with any eventuality such as crimes and quarrels and barring entry to any materials that could be hazardous to the safety of people at the malls. “It will employ the latest security techniques, including internal and external surveillance cameras, alarm and detection systems, and efficient contact systems,” he added. Lt Gen Al-Fahad highlighted strict commitment to efforts aiming to help the security guards maintain the maximum level of preparedness and efficiency.”

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Arab Times “Interior Acts To Raise Mall Security”



3 thoughts on “‘Interior Acts To Raise Mall Security’

  1. I just learned about the Marina mall incident today, at my graduation rehearsal. Something really bad is happening these days, why people are stooping that low these days? There’s a provoker somewhere, and they have to locate it.

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