‘Boost Efforts To Prevent Crimes Such As Murder’

murder kuwait


Some (the ones from Kuwait) may know that on Thursday a Kuwaiti was stabbed to death in Marina Mall, but others may not.

“The victim, 24, was instantly killed by three young men, two Bidoon (residents without valid documents) and a Kuwaiti, at the Marina Mall reportedly in an argument that ended fatally.

Witnesses said that all the young men were initially embroiled in a brawl, but were separated by people at the mall. However, the argument continued on a flight of stairs where one of the assailants pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim identified by Al Anba daily as Jamal Al Enezi.”

In reaction to this, Kuwaiti MPs have reacted.

“MP Hamdan Al-Azmi has urged the top officials of Ministry of Interior to intensify their efforts in preventing murder crimes similar to the one that recently took place inside Marina Mall, stressing that such crimes have terrorized the Kuwaiti society. In addition to this, he insisted that securitymen must continuously patrol commercial complexes, streets and public locations to impose security and prevent such crimes. MP Al-Azmi demanded imposing tough penalties against the management of malls for failing to provide necessary security and safety through implementation of systems that can detect any hidden weapons that some visitors to the malls may carry.”

This is a proof that the Kuwaiti officials are waking up and that they’re realising that the rate of violence in Kuwait is pretty high.

I’m happy to see that they wanna change something, in order to make the country safer. It makes me feel proud to have lived there for so long. It makes me feel proud to call Kuwait my home.

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