The long break is over, let’s get back into business

As the summer holiday is over, a new academic year begins.


One year ago I couldn’t see myself where I am now, but I have done it. I have succeeded. My first university year is over. The first year away from my angels is gone. Two more to go. Two more until the family will be reunited.

Many things happened, good and bad. I have learnt many lessons and I thank God every day for the strenght he has given to me to go through it all.

Although I’ve been all alone in a way, things went well. I lived alone, I studied alone. I cleaned up for myself, I cooked for myself. I have taken care for myself.. all alone. And I am happy and proud of me. However, I know that this is all due to the fact that God has guided me from up there and my family has been supporting me.

Despite the fact that I still don’t feel home here and I still consider that my home is in Kuwait, I can’t say that my situation is bad. I have a place where to stay in, I got my father and my relatives, I got a couple of friends and my academic life is great.


A new year begins. I’m not as afraid as I was last year. It’s normal. I know the university, the professors, I know the people. I can’t wait, I’m so excited. Moreover, it gets closer to my return hoooome.


I also know that I am not posting as I used to before, but due to the fact that I was on a holiday, I didn’t really use my laptop. I have tried to post from my phone from time to time, but it is not as posting from the laptop.

Here’s my promise to be keeping you updated.


Wishing y’all a good night, good week, good year and a good life. x


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