In search of tattoos

In search of tattoos

Ok, so I’m looking for tattoos, because I really wanna get one done (it would be my 5th, but it will cover up 2 of the ones I have it’s gonna be pretty big).

I wanna get done some roses with their tails and thorns with which I wanna write my mum’s name and my sister’s as well. This would start from my hips, going up my back and on my shoulder I want to have a pigeon, holding a cross.

All these really represent me and I will start getting them done at the end of the month.

I know I’m a girl, I know I wanna get a pretty big tattoo, but this is who I am. It will be in a place where you can hide it, so not many people will see it, unless I’m somewhere tanning.

Moreover, I also thought of this place, as I am studying Political Science and my career will probably have something to do with politics.

Now, what do you think about tattoos?
& what do you think about my ideea?


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