A girl’s problem

What’s the biggest problems for girls.. for women? Loosing weight.

I’ve recently gained a lot of weight although last year I’ve lost a lot. However, I know why this has happened. As with the Easter fast, I’ve faster for 6 weeks or so and we all know that in order to not feel hungry you tend to eat a lot of bread. Moreover, whatever food is very oily. I was also eating a lot of bananas and peanuts. I thought it was a good idea but day by day I was gaining more right.

In about 6 weeks I’ve gained 10 kg.

In the mid of May I travelled to Greece where due to the tough schedule I had, I’d have only late meals and all kinds of foods. Gosh, Greek food is amazing, ok? There wasn’t day without 4 meals a day, or maybe more if you count the 2 coffee breaks too.

What happened next?

I had a breakdown. I called mama crying and telling her that I don’t feel alright. Two days and I as back in Romania, I knew I’d go on a diet right away, but I had a problem now.
I decided to eat and try all the new things, but as soon as I reached in Bucharest my diet began.
I have to start by saying that after my trip in Greece I weighted 65 kg and now, after maybe one month of Dukan diet, I’ve reached 57 kg. I’m planning that by the beginning of July to get back to at least 53 kg and although I’ve been tricking my diet this first month, tomorrow I will start going hardcore on my myself.

No girl should eve give up on looking good. That’s why WE are girls.. to be feminine, to be elegant, to look good. Thus, if you feel fat, do something about it but never starve yourself. Check a doctor before a radical diet or just do the Dukan as I recommend it to anyone.
However, one must be prepared for going through hard moments with diet as you have 4 phases starting with eating only proteins, then slowly adding back all other foods.
It is hard, it takes rather a long time, but it is worth it.

But keep something in your mind, it is YOU who decided that you’re fat and you need a diet. No one else, especially a guy. If you feel okay in your body, then who cares. No one should tell you what to do, especially how to look like as you are the one who matters. Not him. Not her. Not them. No one else.


That was me last summer, skinny.


Fatty me, in Greece.


After loosing 8 kg and having approximately 4 left to go.


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