Loosing friends..

… and then you loose friends. You think ‘God, I should have appreciated it them more!’ or maybe ‘God, I had so many things to tell them!’ but it is too late. They’re gone.

And you break down again. And it’s hard. It’s hard to get back up. You know you have to. You know who you are now is not the real you, but you cannot change.

And you keep trying.. going through sleepless nights. You want to get over.

You succeed, for a short while, maybe a day.. or two? And you remember. Or even worse, you loose another friend and KABOOM! you’re down again.

But don’t forget, you’re not alone. There are many people who felt what you feel. You just have to be strong. Be strong and stay positive.

Sunshine comes even after the worst thunderstorm.

What to do now?

Appreciate. Appreciate everyone. Appreciate life. Never keep something. Tell everyone everything!


5 thoughts on “Loosing friends..

  1. I like this post because I also believe that life is too short so we should take the time and appreciate. Thanks for posting this. Keep on writing. 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot.. you’re right. Instead of worrying about things, just get on with your life because you never know when God decides to take you up there. x

  2. I recently lost a friend,its still hard to accept she is gone. So many things left unsaid,I couldn’t even say goodbye to her. Its still so hard for me. I even did a post on it. Am sorry for rambling. All I am trying to say is value and forgive your friends while every1is still alive. Life is too short.

    1. It is true.. I’ve lost two friends in a month and 2 months before these two passed away, another one did. They were my closest.. I know, appreciate them! Life is short! I hope you’re ok and stay strong. x

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