And you change!

Hello again,

So I’ve wrote about university life and how it affects you.. how it makes you!

Many things happened since I left Kuwait, but one of the most important ones is the fact that I’ve matured.. more than I was before (and yes, I’ve been told that I’m much more mature than any other person at my age).

Let’s take for example cooking.. I knew how to cook before. I used to make about once or twice a year, like real food! I always made French fries, eggs, sandwiches and salads but only once or twice REAL food. Now I do it. It’s not like I’ll die of hunger, right?

I cook, I wash the dishes (did it before too!), I do the laundry and I clean the house. But that’s not all. The most important thing is that I know how to manage myself.. alone. I know how to organise my time and more importantly, I know how to organise my money, or at least I like to believe that I do.

Whoever said that a person should leave and live off alone for a while was right. Only then you see real life. Only then you appreciate what happens to you. Only then you see how important your parents and family are.

I’ve had many moments when I was homesick. I had my dad here, I could call him at any time and see almost whenever I wanted.. which made it better. I’ve had my grandparents and other members of my family too. But mum? My sister? They were back home, they were in Kuwait.
I’m thinking God for the creation of viber, tango and all the others because through them u could talk to them and see them whenever. But they weren’t with me. I couldn’t hug them. And that broke me down. That broke down the person who seems to be the strongest. But you know, even we have feelings. Even we can get hurt. It may not happen too often, but when it does it brings me dooooown!

Now this is when to realise who’s your friend or not and trust me, there aren’t many. You are probably able to count them on the fingers of both your hands.. if you are lucky ’cause some count them only on one hand.

You need not to despair. You’re not alone. That is when you realise God is there up in order to protect you, to take care of you.

You need not to despair. You’re not alone. There are many people in the same situation and many were before, therefore, if they made it through, you will too!


2 thoughts on “And you change!

  1. Ahhhhhh… The cooking, my Kryptonite 🙂

    Thank god for Tango and Viber… They really helped.

    I see that you are in the right path in growing and emerging to your path in life, don’t be sad, you are doing well, I know that because I have been through what you are experiencing, and take it from me, it will get easier, I’m just glad that you are smart enough to realize that even though you are on your way there.

    1. Tango and Viber are amazing, walla! Lol!

      Thank you for your beautiful words, it means a lot to me. I hope everything is okay with you too. x

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