A couple of things about university

As you all know, I’ve started university for about a year. To be honest, I don’t find it hard, but the system here is crap and is very hard for me to go from a British system where I have to think for myself and give my own opinion while argumenting.. all the way to a system where professors are NUTS, they ask you stupid things and they don’t give a damn about your beliefs.

However, I am doing well and this can be seen through my grade (8-10, the highest being 10!)

School in Kuwait really matured me, it taught be how to study, it made me find my own studying technique.

& that’s what each one of you should do. Whether you have a visual memory or an additive one.. only you know this and you must use it.

I, for example, have a visual memory thus I just have to read things a couple of time and then I can easily remember them and not only, I remember their place in the book too!!!

Starting studying with a while before the exams is also a good thing to do.

We in Romania have a saying for this “îngrași porcul în Ajun”, meaning something like.. you’re trying to do everything, to memorise everything right before the big day which means nothing as it will not happen. (The exact translation is “you’re fattening the pig on Christmas Eve”)

1. Make sure you have exactly what you should study.
2. Start preparing early!
3. Read the stuff all over again.
4. Take breaks (very important as you let your brain relax from time to time)

know yourself as no one else can do it better!

Have a good day dear followers and last but not least, thank you! 🙂 xo


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