Once holidays end

As you probably guess, I’ve been to Kuwait for the holidays. I’ve spent my Christmas and New Years wearing a t-shirt (well, a dress, but saying a t-shirt sounds cooler) and I’ve been surrounded by suuuuun & heat!
Isn’t that amazing?

Christmas was spent with the family, at home. Waited for Santa to come the whole night and I was probably the happiest (after my sister of course) for the gifts I’ve received.





We had many guests for Christmas lunch and it was multinational, with Kuwaiti, Lebanese, Omani, Filipino and obviously, us the Romanians.

Spent all my days with la familia and that was amazing.

New Year is here. Embassy of Romania time. We danced on good music, ate good food and drank good drinks. I enjoyed it, because I was with my mother and even my sister stayed up until 3 am.




Once holidays end…

… I’m back to Romania. University tomorrow. I’m dead tired. I miss everyone back there.

Hope you had a good Christmas and may 2013 be a better year!


2 thoughts on “Once holidays end

  1. Sounded like a jolly time 🙂
    My Christmas was me studying for final exams… did you know that Christmas in Egypt starts on the 7th of January?? yes its today, Egypt’s Christian Christmas is today. They never gave me a straight answer when I ask why not 25th

    1. Aw, poor you! Yep, I know. And hey, it’s not only Egyptian Christmas that is on the 7th. I’ll give you a straight answer why not the 25th. All the Christians who still go after the Old Testament have their Christmas on the 7th, that is Coptic Christians in Egypt, Russia and along with other Eastern European countries. Although most have it on the 25th, some have on the 7th. Egyptian Christians are mostly Coptic, so they have it on the 7th.

      Good history/religion class. Huh? :p

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