Thursday, another long day

To me, Thursday are the longest because although uni starts late, it also ends late. Which means I get home very late, late in bed as well.. leading to not enough sleep. Ah. Not cool, considering the fact that I love my sleep.

Anyway, I type up an essay which I’ve done a couple of days back and this made me more tired because I hate staring at a computer for hours. The hot shower which followed made me melt even more, so here I am now, at 12 am (Romania’s time), writing this post because I promised to keep in touch.

I’ve realised something today and to be honest I think that every day, but I want to make myself believe that it’s a new thing. I’ve realised that I’m really blessed. No, really. God gave me many things that other people don’t have. I’m healthy. I am in a good university. My family is alright. What more do I want? I’d be so selfish and so immature to hate my life or whatever. No, I will never do that. However, I will always thank God for what He gave me. Because I am blessed and so are you, you’re blessed!

And now I’ll be off, for my brain is slowly going off.
Time to listen to Magic FM Romania, with its oldies and sleeeeep. Not for too long, about 5-6 hours. Why? Tomorrow’s a new day, so bring it on!


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