The wedding weekend


I want to start by saying that I slept so little this weekend.. I was home alone the whole weekend and Thursday I got back home at 11 pm because I was outside the house with friends. Although I went to bed right away, I kept waking up, over and over again.. had to get up early morning, so around 8 I was awake. Time to get ready for the wedding, right? God. I ran out of time and I freaked out, but it was alright. I met up with the bride and other people at 1.30 pm and went to her place to dress her up..




We paid attention closely to all the traditions and had such a good time.






We all stood in the sun for so long, but hey.. my friends are married. Isn’t that amazing?




Time for the church visit. She was mad at me and the other two bridesmaids, but if only she knew at that time what surprise we were preparing for her. We drove all the way outside the city to buy five pigeons to make it more romantic and I believe that she kind of forgot about the incident (will not talk about this, because it is not worth remembering) when she saw the surprise.




Restaurant? Oh, it was good..




.. but we also stole the bride and took her to the club. Who was there for free? We were. Woop!




Long story short, this weekend was so busy and so sleepless, which means that I need a lot, but a lot of sleep to get back on the track.


PS. I would like to wish to my friends all the best and may God keep them happy and in love. Kisses to both of them!


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