My plans for today?


As you all should know by now, I hate not knowing what will happen. Today is one of those days. My amazing friends are not sure of what will happen.. it depends on their moods, on their friend’s plans and so on. Blah. I hate it. What I know for now is that I’ll be going to grandma’s (mama’s mum) because she made me foooood + pancakes *kills herself*. I love pancakes. Who doesn’t? Ok, let’s get back. I will probably nap or just read until the smarties will call or text.


It is good from time to time to not organise everything. It is good to have that day when you don’t know what you will do and things will happen naturally. I guess I will be having that day today, but I hope it won’t turn out to be a mess because I will kill them *biiiig smile*.

And for now, I will prepare the morning dose of motivation and inspiration and when I got it done, I will go and do my work, ’cause since yesterday, I am officially employed by my father to do PR stuff for his NGO. Yay!


My advice? Have that one random day.. no plans.. no organisation.. whatever comes along!


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