I guess weather here can PMS too


This weekend has been a very hot one with temperature up to 38 degrees (yes, that is a lot here!) However, today there were 41 degrees Celsius, which was kind of whoa. I had to walk from my friends place until the place where I took the taxi to go to dad’s place and I must say that it is a bit of a long way. I stopped about three times, to buy water and the last time to eat an ice-cream. On my way I saw 5 ambulances. There’s a problem here with old people, or pregnant women fainting because of the heat. The whole afternoon was humid and so hot.. it was horrible.

But guess what?

Now it’s raining. And it’s not a normal storm. There is lightening everywhere and it’s scary because it is so close. You see the sky randomly lightening.. God! I bet it’s gonna be a big thunderstorm.. and it is officially raining. How am I gonna sleep tonight? If only I could take pictures, but I am too scared to look outside.


Conclusion: Yes, the weather in Romania is PMS’ing too. Bless!


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