A weekend full of birthdays


Whoa, there are so many birthdays this month. My grandmother’s just passed and today is a friend’s birthday but also dad’s. I had so much fun last night, because my friend, the rest and I, had a BBQ and a sleepover. I mean, uuuh? What sleepover, we only slept for one hour and half.. and the rest, we danced, walked and laughed so much. It was great! Although I am exhausted right now, truly exhausted to the point where I can barely keep my eyes opened, I had so much fun..we all did.

Check this out!



Dad’s birthday too. Went back home at lunchtime but guess what? Dad wasn’t home. He was at another BBQ and I didn’t know where exactly, so I ended up reading a book until he came. We slept.. a lot, then woke up and sat together for a while. Had a little funny talk, because we were both tired and he was also a bit tipsy..


See? This is what I like. I don’t like hiding. I don’t like faking things. I want to be real. I like reality. I’m not low if I drink a glass of beer. I’m not low if I laugh too much with friends. I’m not low if I have stupid talks with my father and the rest of my family.. no, I’m normal. I’m a normal person, so don’t judge me.


Getting back to the birthdays subject, I want to wish my amazing father a lovely and happy, but very happy birthday. May all his wishes come true. May God give him all the best. May God give him all he wants, because he deserves it. He’s not perfect, but he is trying to reach perfection in what he does and what he says. Happy 49th birthday to my father. I love you daddy!


* PS. I want to add something, for dad’s birthday we spent it together the whole weekend (meaning Friday and Saturday). Being with him on the same day didn’t mean anything negative.. Thanks dad for the details. I love you! :p


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