When my stomach decides to make me crazy

I have to admit that I’ve always had problems with my stomach if I ate too much, or too fast but especially if I ate garlic and oily.

What I did today?

I ate a lot of garlic.. very oily and in record time of less than 10 minutes. Smart? I know I am.

I had lunch with grandma and she made this amazing Romanian food (fasole batuta) with a lot of garlic and onion. I also had french fries with were obviously very oily. Dad was meeting up with me at 1 pm and this was happening around 12.30, so what can I do other than eat very, very fast? Brushed my teeth twice and chewed three gums, but that didn’t help. As I got home, I couldn’t move anymore and my stomach started making me crazy. I slept for two hours and I don’t remember anything. I was in a very deep sleep, but not the one which relaxes you and makes you feel better. No, I actually feel worse than before. I drank a cold lemonade* made by my father and brushed my teeth again and again.. in a total of 4 times.


Weird feeling and stupid smell, go away? Ktnxbye.


My advice: be careful when you eat something, especially if you know that it can bother your stomach or anything else. Don’t do what I did. Even if you crave something, take your time eating it and don’t just rush..


* I don’t like the song, but hey, it’s summer-ish.


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