.. and this is when I miss my family the most


I’ve been in Romania for almost three weeks and although I am starting to feel better about being here, there wasn’t and isn’t a day when I miss my family (including all my babies, pets). I always think of them all. I always remember things. It’s just that sometimes I’m either too tired to think, overthink about it, or I am out and surrounded by people. 

Why is today ‘special’? Why do I miss them the most today?

I’ve stayed home the whole day today. Did many things and I’ve also cleaned the bathroom.. the way mum likes it, from A to Z. I started with a corner, cleaned it all and came back to the same corner. I’ve also had a beer which made me think of mum, then I watched cartoons which obviously reminded me of my baby sister. I’ve been out too and I played with an amazing pup. I miss by baby dogs.. my cat too.. my turtles, ducks and fish. I miss everyone. Video-cammed with mummy.. I saw them all and I teared up, but hey, I will see them soon!



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