A week at Vama Veche

I’ve decided to write this post, but not publish it until the week is over, which means that if you’re reading this, my stay at Vama Veche is over and I’m most probably on my way home.

I left Bucharest Sunday morning and we arrived here around 11-11.30 am. The room wasn’t ready yet, so we had to walk around and waste some time. We got a couple of ‘shuberek’, which is like a pie and it can be filled with cheese or meat. It’s a Turkish thing and we always eat it when we come here, because it is simply amazing. We sat at table and ate them and gossiped a bit, until the room was ready. The room had the balcony opened to the sea and the view was amazing. Oh and it was right behind the beach disco. What does mean? A week of sleepless nights. Joking. We all slept like babies quite early and we also woke up early.



We had an amazing soup la ‘Papa la Șoni’ then we went to get ready for the beach. Spent the rest of the day tanning and I have to admit that the weather was perfect.


A late walk on the beach and..


.. off to bed.

Day 2.
Woke up at 5 to watch the sunrise on the famous song which is always played when this happens. You don’t need the alarm anymore, really. You just hear the song and you know that you have to get up.



I went back to sleep for a bit and when I woke up, I had breakfast and went straight to the beach.

Spent the whole morning there, then had lunch.. I don’t remember exactly what or where, but let me show you an amazing thing that I ate that day too.


Simply amazing..

Day 3.
Woke up for the sunrise again. Spent the whole day at the beach again. Had a soup for lunch.. again. But at night I did something special. I’ve had my portrait done. Want to take a look at it?



This old man was so nice. He looks mean, but once you get to talk to him, you realise how nice he is. He looks like Santa too! We talked about his dog and he would remind me every 5 minutes to smile because I’d get bored of staying that way the whole time. I was so excited to see it, especially that so many people stopped and stared and told me how nice it is.. the model too, of course. Haha, joking!

Day 4.
Had a great morning at the beach, but then the clouds decided to mess it up. It started raining. We all went upstairs, stayed a bit, had lunch then napped for a couple of hours. When we woke up, the weather was still bad, but we did walk on the beach, taking pictures and picking up nice stones and shells.

I saw amazing things and this touched me..


No. She wasn’t drunk. If someone has an empty glass next to them, it doesn’t mean they’re drunk. The picture shows the exact meaning of real friendship. I loved it. It was perfect.

But the weather didn’t get any better so..



.. we decided to go to Bulgaria.


And guess what? The weather was just..


Day 5.
Cloudy. Sunny. 10 minutes like that, 10 minutes the other way. Isn’t the weather PMS’ing? Dad has been on the beach the whole day and despite the clouds, he did get a tan. The rest of us went later and a part of the day there. Arrived in the room.. BOOM! I’ve got an allergy from the tanning oil/sun. Whatever started it, I just gotta tell you that it is very annoying. Like truly, very annoying! My chest, back and face is red and a bit swollen and it is very itchy. Thank God it’s not burning me or something.. The pharmacist gave me Claritin and now all I want to do is sleep. I napped and half of the allergy is gone but I still didn’t want to go out of the house. The night came and when I say night I mean around 9.30 pm and we all went to sleep.

strong>Day 6.
Dad woke me up to listen to a Bon Jovi song. I remember singing along for a while, then I passed out. I set up my alarm to wake up in time for the sunrise. I did wake up, but couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed, so I slept again until 7 something in the morning. Up and ready for the beach, I had my coffee and left. Swam and tanned for a while, but guess what? My stupid allergy is back and it’s pissing me off, badly! First of all it’s annoying because it’s very itchy and second of all, it’s annoying because I saw all the people on the beach and I’m inside. Blah. Can it please go away? Packed in yoghurt the whole time. At night it was going away, but I still couldn’t go to the beach, so I stayed in the room and I went for a small walk when the sun was setting. Pizza for dinner, a little gossip accompanied by some beer, then off to sleep.

Day 7.
We still have a couple of days of staying here and I am scared to not lose them. The allergy is gone, but I am scared of going outside in the sun so it doesn’t come back. What I’m doing right now?


I’m in the balcony, covered in yoghurt of course while everyone else is tanning or/and swimming. I want? It’s not fair. I hope I’ll be fine by tonight so I can have some time for tanning.. I did tan, for a bit but some pimples came back, so I went back inside. Slept later than ever, by 11 pm. Wow. Oh! I woke up for Bon Jovi! ‘You give loooove a bad name!!’ *dances*

Day 8.
Woke up early. At 6.30 I was up. Went back to sleep though.. and I slept! God. I’ve been sleeping so much. I’ve been sleeping like a baby! It feels good though. I had food (fasole cu costiță afumată) and had a beer too and now I’m chillaxing on the balcony. What am I gonna do afterwards? Sleep. Then well see. I slept like a baby.. again. And when I woke up my eyes were so puffed. Ended up with a walk, then watched the finals of the Euro, Spain-Italy. I made the bets on Spain and they won, 4-0! Woop woop! Vamos ESPAÑA.

Day 9.
Chilled on the beach for a couple of hours. Packed our stuff and goodbye Vama Veche.

I’ll see you soon!


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