My last long and full weekend in Kuwait


This weekend was the last full weekend spent in Kuwait with la familia and Mr. Lover (he’s part of the family but I will talk about him and the others differently, that’s why I mentioned them differently).


As you surely know, Thursday is the hang out day with Mr. Lover, but because he was still in Dubai then, I chilled at home with my lovely family. I woke up relatively early and had to arrange around the house. I studied a bit too and when mum came back from work, we had lunch and although it didn’t taste so good, it was still alright because we were all eating together. We slept.. the whole house slept from 2.30 until around 4.30. I woke up at 4 though, but I really needed that sleeping time. It was perfect! I was relaxed and I was finally getting rid of my stress and thoughts. When we woke up, we went out and of course, mum and I had to pass by Claire’s to get my last (well, there was another one left, but I can’t find it anywhere anymore) set of nail polish. I now have this…



Went back home and we just spent time together. We watched TV, we were playing on the iPads and we had an AMAZING dinner. No really, it was great. I ate so much!



Friday here. The longest day I’ve had since forever. Had to wake up at 5 and go to the beach with each and every member of the family, including the two dogs. But guess what? Both cars broke down, so I ended going back to sleep but this time next to my sister and I have to say that it took me a while to fall asleep. Next, I went for a visit to the saloon. I got my hair arranged, hot oil treatment and it was so cheap, because they’ve got this summer promotion when everything is way cheaper (for those in Kuwait, hot oil hair treatment is 2 KD, from 7. Cut & Curl, Jabriya, in the complex next to Pinkberry). Mani and pedi was great too! I feel like a girl, haha. Came back home and I had the best lunch. Mama made chicken masala and it tasted great! She never made Indian foot before and even though it was a first, she aced it! Time to get ready. I looked all summer-ish and what did I do? Surprised Mr. Lover who was sleeping (came back the same morning at 9am). I did surprise him, but be surprised me too. He can’t just forget about me. He got me so many things, including this beautiful cover for my phone…



It’s so pink! Girly!


Had a great dinner and by the end of the night, I couldn’t take it anymore. As soon as I got home I slept, until the next morning.


Saturday. Woke up to mama looking at me and playing in my hair. Saturday is the day when the mother-daughter outing happened. This was perfect and truly needed. We spent the whole day at the mall. Shopped SO much, had a great lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s (really tasty ribs, yum. I don’t remember the full name of it. Oh, we ate soup too. Mama is obsessed with soups). More shopping happened, then we stopped at Starbucks for a little gossip. However, when I look back on the things we did and spoke about, I feel it wasn’t enough. We didn’t open up. We didn’t talk about everything… After such a long day, the crazy family ended up the pool for a little swim. Little? My legs and arms are killing me.


They’re all so summery like!


(Ferrari shirts from Mr. Lover because he’s madly in love with Ferrari.)


PS. Thanks to mama and Mr. Lover, I’m developing an earring obsession too.



Sunday. Such a long day too. We all woke up early to go to the beach. At 6.30 am we were there…



… and as soon as we came back home, I napped for an hour. I had to wake up fast and shower because mama wanted us to go to a supermarket to get me a luggage bag because I don’t have any. I must have showered and dressed in less than 5 mins and we were out again. Back home, we started preparing lunch. Mr. Lover came over too and we all had shrimps with French fries and dad’s amazing salad (bell pepper, onion, garlic, vinegar, and some other things that I don’t remember). But you think that was all? Nope. When I finished eating, I had to get ready to go out with Aunty. We went over to her place..



… we drank coffee and gossiped. I will miss this woman, really. She gave me a gift with dedication and we hardly controlled not to cry.



We then met with some family friend and we ended up talking about politics, history and economy along with different things about life. It was goods but because time had passed so fast, I had to be on the run again. Once I got home, the whole family went into the pool. Cold beer to relax (non alcoholic).


What I did next? Obviously I won’t talk about all the details, but God, I slept so well and I didn’t even move around. I was exhausted and today is gonna be a long day because I have to study for my A2 French exam which is tomorrow.


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