What you think upon, grows


“What you think upon, grows! You’ll attract more of what you focus upon.. positive or negative. It’s your choice. Focus on what you have and what’s right, not on what you don’t have and what’s wrong. And say thank you for what you have as often as possible, it will change your life!”


This coincides with a post I’ve written a couple of days back. 

Always thank God for what you have, because there are people who would wish to have those things. Your life doesn’t suck because you broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend and you’re just 15. Your life doesn’t suck because your mum punished you for two weeks for getting bad grades.


I used to get angry every time mummy took my phone or punished me, but now I am thankful for all that. It didn’t help me in the short-term but it did in the long-term. I’ve realised many things. I’ve realised that sometimes it is good to have that ‘break’ from everyone, to appreciate things more. Sometimes you need it, to concentrate on the most important things. You never know. 


There’s always a reason behind everything, so cheer up. Smile. Life is good. Life really is good! 


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