I don’t care what you think!


I probably make mistakes, whether they are typos, or I just make them, it doesn’t matter. I would like to clarify something.. I really don’t spend my whole day in front of the laptop (or with my phone in my hands, in case I’m posting from my phone, which I often do) so I really don’t take my time to check all the posts if there are any spelling mistakes or whatever. I don’t care. Once you get my point, once you understand the message I am trying to send through my post, then who cares? You shouldn’t either. So I don’t care if you think/say I have mistakes. I really don’t. I am not perfect and if we keep in mind the fact that English is not my first language (although it is the language I use the most and I’ve been using it for 6 years), I believe it is normal to make mistakes. I don’t even know Romanian well. Who cares? You got what I meant. You were inspired/motivated/touched/moved (whatever you want to be and whatever you are) by my post, that’s all that cares. I am not here to give spelling lessons or anything like that. I am here to do what I like.. help people. So if you got anything to complain, tough luck. I don’t care.



6 thoughts on “I don’t care what you think!

    1. Thank you! To be honest I started speaking English daily about 6 years ago when I came to Kuwait. Plus as I have seen, there are English speakers who spell worse than I do, lol!

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