Almost done with my exams


I know I’ve been absent for the past two days but that is because on Monday I was revising x 10 without going online and I even had my phone off and on Tuesday I had my A2 History. (For those who don’t know how hard that is and they think this is something easy, then they should check out the following sites to see just a tiny bit of what I am meant to know/do.)

– Check out the power-point. 

– More about both AS&A2.


I’ve went through a lot before my exam, things which brought me a lot of pressure. The night before I had massive back pains, so I ended up drugging myself to sleep (the medicine I am meant to take are very strong and mum had to sign a paper which said that they’re used for medical purposes only, so drugs..) and I don’t even know how or when I fell asleep. I woke up around 3.30 to drink water and I remembered that I dreamt something about mama and I going out for shopping (will be happening on Saturday anyway) but that’s about it. Woke up to realise that I am still weak and a bit high and I was really not in the mood because I couldn’t even open my eyes properly. All the teachers at school could realise that I’m not having a good day. It’s like God heard my prayers of not being in the mood to do the exam and.. long story short, Edexcel sent the wrong paper and I had to wait for an hour for them to email the school the right one.


Drama at home too, but I won’t type it all down. I’ll jut show you because it is easier.





Exam wise, it was great. I did great. Or at least that’s what I think. I can say that I had quite good questions, questions that I could actually answer because I must admit that I have a problem.. I do write a lot so if I had a boring subject I wouldn’t have known what to write about.

Other than that, everything is fine. My last exam is next Tuesday and I’m done. I’m done with high-school forever. Honestly speaking, I’ve learned a lot at school and I have met amazing people. Class of 2011 will never be forgotten and all my teacher will always have a special place in my heart. I hope that I can keep in touch with the majority and I will try my best to do so because part of my success I life would be thanks to them. They put up with me for years, some more than others, but that doesn’t really matter. They were all there.


My advice to all students, don’t treat your teachers badly because most of them want the best for you. If one may seem mean to you some time, understand them as they understand you because you never know what they are going through at home. Be tolerant and your relationship with them will be great! Respect them and they will treat you amazing!

Give respect if you want respect.

And if anyone still has exams, good luck with them. Concentrate very well and organise yourself. When it’s time to study, then it’s all study and when it’s time to relax, don’t do anything other than that.


Good luck!


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