A simple quiz


Been tagged by stilishbabe (click to check her out) in this quit game. Let me see what answers I can come up with.. *thinks to herself*



1.What do you need to be happy?

Am I meant to write a hundred things? First one is being myself. If I am myself, I am happy. Period. My family (including Mr. Lover and all the pets I have, which are 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 ducks and 2 turtles). erMy mother and sister (I know I said family before, but they’re more than just family so they deserve a special.. ‘nomination’). Coffee. Internet (mostly the blog and Twitter). My studies, if I have what to study, I feel great! Books. Music. Do you still want me to write? I swear that I could do it forever. Ok, let me stop now.


2.Top all time   favourite  3 songs!

Blah. I’d rather not talk about this, because I have MANY favourite songs. Matter of fact, I don’t even call them favourite songs because I like them all. But we could say Bon Jovi – It’s my life. Makes me feel great whether I am sad, hyper.. and so on


3.Describe your dream man!

Imperfect. The man you wouldn’t like. Like Mr. Lover.


4.Dreams and hopes?

Be independent. Be who I am. To not allow society to change me. Many dreams and hopes education/career wise. And just be healthy and happy.. that’s all I can think of right now.


5. 3 beauty items you can’t live without.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I only became a girly girl like a year and a half ago. Does perfume count as beauty items? Ah, I love perfumes. Mascara? A must.. and I don’t know? Don’t ask me yo’, I’m not a professional yet.


6.What outfit you’re prone to wear at anytime?

Jeans and a white T-shirt. Same as stilishbabe. I would add up a pair of comfy flip-flops.


7.If you could have any  job in the world…

Mermaid. LOL! That’s what I wanted to become when I was little. Well, I don’t know about a job, but I want to help people.. I want to make a change in the world.. and I will, sometime. 



Sing.. used to. Write.. I hope. Social? I don’t know. I’m still in search of them. Life is a long journey, if I knew it all know, what would be the mystery later on?


9.Role model/s?

Mum + Dad. I sad mum PLUS dad? Yes. Both of them, added up together. Both very smart! And I hope I can be (or I am already?) as smart as they are. 


10.What do you expect from your readers?

I don’t expect anything from them. I hope they can relate to my posts. I hope I can inspire and motivate them. I hope I can give a drop from my optimism to everyone who follows/likes my posts.



Come on, you people answer this.

– iliketheworldfuzzy


–  smilesandhappiness




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