Be thankful for what you have


Last night I was taking to mum about her cousin who has a daughter (who is obviously my second degree cousin) and made me think once more time about how lucky I am to have the life I have.


Until she was three years old, she was completely normal. After then, health problems appeared.. and they kept appearing. She is sick. She is very sick and no one really knows what is wrong with her. Apparently what she has is very rare.

The girl, Irina, is three years younger than me but she looks much younger. She has moments when she can’t walk, so she is sometimes in a wheel chair.

I never met her and I only vaguely remember her parents. Mum never took me to her and I don’t blame her, she wouldn’t visit them too often either because she would breakdown every time she saw Irina.

Taken from: Google images.

There are so many people nowadays who complain about their life. They’re 15 and they’re heartbroken. They’re 13 and their life sucks. They’re 17 and they tried killing themselves hundred times. Girls complaining about getting their nails broken (I do too, but with limits). Guys complaining about their football team losing.. and so on. This is all bullshit. Sorry for being too straightforward, but this is the raw truth. I know it may hurt, but why be a hypocrite and hide it?

Whatever you complain about is worthless. Whatever you complain about is a waste of time. Why waste your time when you can easily be thankful for what you have. And believe me, you have a lot. You have a normal life unlike others.. like my cousin, Irina for example. There are people out there who would do anything to have what you have. There are people out there who would do anything to be healthy..


Thank God every time for this beautiful gift.. life. And as I always say, appreciate it!


5 thoughts on “Be thankful for what you have

  1. Poor girl, I wish her well. We should be grateful for what we got, but its a human nature to react otherwise when things go against ones expectations. (P. S. I got upset once when my nail got broken, so its not just girls… but I don’t get upset when my team loses, I wonder what does that say about me…. hmmmmmm…)

    Wish you and Irina all the best 🙂

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