Memories from year one


Last night I got tagged in a picture by my childhood best friend with whom I haven’t kept in touch. And this didn’t happen because we just stopped talking, but because I left Romania and we lost contact. I heard from her last summer and I was very pleased to be able to have her as a friend again.

Anyway. I never really expected to see a picture that will awaken so many memories and emotions. I didn’t open it right away, but I knew that I have no pictures with that girl. When I did click on it, I was a group photo.. a class photo.. from year one. It made me happy! I saw all my ex colleagues! However, I remembered only two of the girls because I was with them only in year one. (My childhood best friend and I were together during KG)

I miss those times! When you had nothing to worry about! When all you did was eat, play and sleep while of course having to go to school. I remember being bullied in that school, but it is all over. Who cares anymore? Not me anyway. I’m very happy for being able to ‘know’ them all again.


I’m looking forward to meeting them this summer. For me it’s been 11 years. We surely are in need of a reunion.


Us. Which one is me?

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