Hurting the ones we love

Why do we seem to hurt the ones we love?

I mean, we try our best to do everything for them. To treat them right. To do things well.. just to find out that all we did wasn’t good. Or wasn’t good enough.

Why does it seem to always happen? And with why with everyone?

You hurt starting with your parents, further relatives, all the way to other loved ones. You hurt them. Although you love them a lot, you still hurt them. And they don’t understand. They don’t understand that you are doing your best to make them happy. It’s like you’re doing the opposite.. you’re hurting them.

What we don’t know is that indirectly we’re actually hurting ourselves. We’re driving our loved ones away from us, slowly hurting ourselves. When we realise this, differs from person to person, but in the end.. everyone realises that by hurting others, you’re hurting yourself. And this is more accentuated when others means, close people, people you love, people whom you care about, people whom you talk to every day and see very often.

We try to change. It’s hard. Once your been living that way your whole life, it’s hard to change. It never bothered you. Why change? Well, because you’re hurting your loved ones! Duh! Why can’t you just do what they want? Because you’re a human. You’re stubborn and you don’t want to change. You just want change to happen, without putting any effort into it.

But time shows everything. Who was right and who wasn’t. Time will show that by being too proud, by not being slowly adapting to what/who you’re asked to do/be, you’re destroying yourself.. more like destroying your inner self.. your soul.


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