Getting ready for Graduation 2012


Last year when I graduated, I decided to get my hair and makeup done professionally in a saloon, just because I thought it was a special day and it was worth it. I looked good. But when I loo back on the pictures, I realised that I could have looked much better.

This year I’ve done them all myself and it came out much better! I’m proud of myself for doing all this.


So this is what I wore, an off-white dress with a pinkish scarf on my shoulders.




Chose the accessories with black stones. Found them the more suitable.

Wore mummy’s white shoes because they’re so comfortable and they’re not too high. Really didn’t want to trip.




I’ve also had quite simple nails, white with some weird pink spot on them, lol. They’re not professional ok? So don’t judge me. It’s all done by myself!




And this is my award! 😀




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