Another day is gone

I have been out all day and I have to admit that I’m exhausted. Let me tell you something.. I’ve finally arranged my hair! I told you that I was planning on getting the ‘sock bun’ thing I posted and I DID IT!

Here’s how it looked like..


Nice? I’m getting good at this too! I started being good at putting make-up, then I developed an obsession over nail polish. Now I’ll be spending all my money on hair accessories. God bless me, haha!

Anyway. I am exhausted. I don’t know how I can still type this. Well, I’m cheating because I’m doing so, from my phone. Thanks to the autocorrect, I’m getting everything spelled well. However, if what I say doesn’t make sense, I apologise. I’m about to pass out anyway. *gets sad*

One say of the long weekend is over and thank God, it was good. I’m grateful for everything, for literally every thing, whether is good or bad. This is how everyone should be, to be honest.

You should thank God for everything. If your day was good, thank Him because it was that way. If your day was bad, thank Him because you got it through and you learned a new lesson.

As I always say, be positive. Is there anything better than this? Nope.

Sorry for being quiet and thank you for checking out my blog. Every view means something to me. Thank you! Good night!


2 thoughts on “Another day is gone

  1. Your bun looks gorgeous! I recently got into make up and find it difficult to not play around with the many varieties lol. Your blog has such a positive vibe, definitely shows your lovely personality.

    1. It’s not perfect, but one day it will be. Yeh, I’ve been into make-up for about a year now. At the beginning I knew nothing and all make-up meant to me was eyeliner and mascara. Now, it’s much more complicated! Different colours, shades.. Thank you for your comments and you seem like a lovely person as well!

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