I’m such a girly girl!

I’ve realised that for the past year I became such a girly girl. I never used to dress up, wear makeup other than mascara and eye liner, or get my nails and hair done. I also hated shopping.

Now? Oh God! I would spend days shopping. I just can’t seem to make my mind up over what to buy or not. I would just buy everything. The whole shop if I could! I’d buy every shirt, every dress, every pair of shoes. EVERYTHING!

Moreover, I think I’ve mentioned this before that I’ve been developing a nail polish obsession. I have so many! I remember posting once a picture of some of them. Well, now they have doubled. I could say that I have all the colours which could possibly exist!

However, when it comes to my hair, I’m still not too good. I can never spend too much arranging my hair because I find it very boring. Plus, its also a bit damaged, but I don’t want to cut it got another two years. Then, I’ll cut it, give it a nice shape and keep arranging it. I must say that I have beautiful hair, very thick and healthy, but last year I dyed it far too much and I messed it up. Now, I have to pay for my stupidity.

I’m such a girly girl! Before I used to hate people like this, but now? I’m happy! I’m a girly girl! I grew up!

PS. I still don’t like pink, although I may wear it. That’s just because it looks good on me.


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