Such a productive and good day!

I’ve had a great day! Probably the best I’ve had in the past week or two. I got a whole 260 History book done, I mean, notes from it. I never thought I could get it done, but hey. I did it!


That’s the book and my exam is on the 12th of June. Can’t wait for it! I’m ready and I also have a good feeling about it!

Moreover, boyfriend got his visa today and I’ve posted something about it.

I also had a good day family wise as well as friends wise. This week was surely a good one, but today just topped all the others! I mean, yesterday was good too, because I went shopping with boyfriend, but today? OH GOD, PERFECT!

I say this because it was great from all points of view.

Matter fact, it was so good that I actually forgot that today was Tuesday. I was chatting with dad and I kept telling him that on Wednesday I’m going to school to get some paper work done. And out of no where he broke it down to me ‘daddy, Wednesday is tomorrow..’

Rush! Have a fast dinner and prepare the bag. Now I’m ready for bed, but I’m taking my time posting something because I’ve been rather quiet lately. I hope you can understand me. I’m leaving Kuwait in about 3 weeks, so I need to spend time with my lovely family. The only time I usually post is in the morning while drinking my coffee and at night, before switching my brain off.

I want to thank everyone for checking out my blog and for visiting it quite often. It really means a lot to me and I appreciate it. I never thought that people would actually read what I say. That people would actually find interesting what I think (now write too). Wow. It feels good, you know?

I also want to thank God for everything because without Him, nothing would be possible. I am happy. He makes me happy and I’m honoured by all the things He gives me.

I want to thank my family for supporting me in everything I do. I want to thank mummy the most (of course my dads too, but..) because she always understands me and she always listens to me even though sometimes she may not be in the mood for me and how much I talk.. Yes, I’m aware of how much I talk and come on, I write a lot too. Boyfriend also supports me as well and I’m thankful. Also my closest friends who are not many, but they do what they can.

Thank you all! Each one of you!

PS: God, keep giving me weird dreams, because I’m starting to feel something.


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