What to do when you feel useless

I feel useless. Not in a romantic way though. Because I haven’t been going to school and also because my last exams are in the mid of June, I haven’t been doing much. I haven’t been studying. I haven’t been reading as much. When I had my exams, I did it. But now I’m having a two days (today’s the last one) break.

What to do when you feel that way? Well, I’ve been helping my mother along with other things too. I’ve been helping her clean, or I’d babysit my sister not just for the sake of babysitting but because I want to create a tighter connection with her before I leave, which is soon.

I’ve also been downloading books. Books which will be ALL read this summer. I won’t say however what books I’ve downloaded, but I promise you that I will dedicate a special post for that. What I must say that they’re not books which people my age read. I think I’ve made it clear from before that I’m different. Very. And it’s not me saying it, it’s my actions showing it.

What to do when you feel useless? Do something productive. I know these two things may be the exact opposite, but it’s true. And this goes to everything. When you’re sad and you want to not feel that way anymore, you then change the way you’re thinking and become happy. May be easier to say than to do but once you practice enough, you’ll become an expert.

Read. Write. Help your family. Be creative. Do anything! Just do it!


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