DJs in Kuwait


There’s this trend here in Kuwait that every person you meet is a DJ. But what they mean by DJ is that they use Virtual DJ or any other virtual player, they just play song one by one and don’t give their time for music.

There are many people like this and I know many although I don’t know them personally. The annoying thing is that they’re so sure and proud about themselves to the point where they indirectly offend real DJs.


People! I can use Virtual DJ too! Plus some other effect apps as well! Does that mean that I’m a DJ? Not that I know of. So please, stop calling yourselves a DJ. You are NOT. Reality will hit you badly and when you’ll realise that you were living in a dream you will get hurt badly. Just wake up how! Open your eyes!


To be a real DJ.. a good DJ, you need to spend time to check out music. You need to do all the things yourself. You need to use mini players use real DJ sets! You need to be real!


However, there are good DJs too. One of them along others, is DJ Eisa.


Here is one of his mixes.

And if you want to know more, check out this interview.

Follow him on Twitter: @EisaSantoz



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