Beautiful Blogger Award



I’ve been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Elixir of Memories. I’m deeply thankful for this and I have to say that your posts are very inspirational as well and I often relate to them.



I’d like to pass on this award to 7 other beautiful bloggers:


1. – Great posts. Some funny, some quite inspirational. She’s someone to follow and I promise you won’t regret it.

2. – If you know Romanian or you don’t mind to translate some posts, then check him out. He has great posts!

3. – Want to get closer to God and Jesus Christ? The perfect blog to help you do this.

4. – A very ‘healthy’ blog. Must check it out!

5. – This girl is great! She has amazing posts. Nice hairstyles and she keeps in touch with her followers!

6. – Very motivational posts. Check them out!

7. – Life coaching. Very helpful and interesting.


– You can also nominate 7 people for this award. Pass it on!


PS. I want to thank everyone for beautiful posts. Keep up the good work!



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